Jimmy Lockett
Kenpo, Ju-Jitsu,
Buki Waza (weapons),
Tai Chi Chuan

James O. 'Jimmy' Lockett is ranked 7th Dan in Okinawan/Chinese Kenpo, 6th Dan in Japanese Ju-Jitsu and Instructor in Tai Chi Chuan.


Jimmy began studying Judo in 1967 with Mr. Harold King. In 1969 he began studying Shorei Kenpo Goshin Jutsu (Kenpo Self-Defense), a combination of Okinawan and Chinese Kenpo Karate, under Master Herman Griffin. Jimmy remained with Master Griffin until the Master's death in 1998. Jimmy also wrestled on his high school team for three years and practiced boxing with his brother, a 1976 Olympic alternate. He began studying Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan in 1985 and Jujutsu arts in 1987.

Jimmy has studied 5 Animals Kung Fu with Art Sykes, Aikido with Dusty Young and James Noriega, Small Circle Jiu Jitsu with Wally Jay, Gracie Jiu Jitsu with Reylson Gracie, Jeet Kune Do Grappling with Larry Harsell, Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu Kodokai and Hakuho Kai in NYC and Muso Shinden Eishin Ryu Iaido under S. T. Khan in NYC. In 1987 Jimmy began practicing Filipino Kali/Escrima through Master Dan Inosanto.

Jimmy has attended seminars by William Cheung (Wing Chun), Francis Fong (Wing Chun), Chai Sirisute (Muay Thai), Paul Vunak (Jeet Kune Do, Steven K. Hayes (Ninjutsu), Graciela Casillas (Kickboxing), Paul de Thouars (Pentjak Silat) and many others.

Jimmy has been a certified Aerobics instructor and personal trainer, certified Herbalist, certified in Ohashiatsu and Do-In Shiatsu, and a licensed paramedic (NREMT-P).

Jimmy is author of the book, Seishin Shuyo: Mental Training in Traditional Martial Arts which can be seen on Amazon.

Along with continuing to study and practice Kenpo and Tai Chi, Jimmy is currently studying Morita Ryu Jiu Jitsu with Sensei Jose Carricarte.

Jimmy is a member of United Martial Arts Alliance International (UMAAI) and a life member of the United States Martial Arts Federation (USMAF), the United States Ju Jitsu Federation (USJJF), and USA-Traditional Kodokan Judo (USA-TKJ).  In April 2019 Jimmy received the honor of being elected to the USJJF Hall of Fame as a Sensei.

Jose Carricarte
Judo, Ju-Jitsu

Jose Carricarte is ranked 8th Dan in Morita Ryu Jiu Jitsu and 4th Dan in Judo.


Jose began studying Judo and Jiu Jitsu in 1970, at the age of 8 y/o, with Sensei Seguitoshi Morita in Cuba. The primary focus of their training was Jiu Jitsu. Carricarte was taught Kito Ryu as well as Tenjin Shinyo Ryu, along with his Judo. He is the last direct student of Morita Sensei, with whom he remained until Carricarte's family fled Cuba for the U.S.A. during the Mariel emigrations.


Sensei Carricarte has trained many national and international competitors in Judo as well as keeping alive the traditional arts of Japanese Jiu Jitsu. He is a USJA certified Judo coach, a member of USA Judo and a member of the United States Ju Jitsu Federation.

He currently teaches at Uprising MMA training center, Drysdale Jiu Jitsu as well as Tanren Dojo.

Indranee K. Clarke
Sivananda Yoga,
Indranee Yoga Blend
(Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates)

Indranee Khurlsingh Clarke has a Masters Degree in dance and has taught dance at UNLV for more than 20 years. She is also a certified Sivananda Yoga Master Instructor and member of the Yoga Alliance.

Indranee currently teaches dance and Sivandanda Yoga as well as her own Indranee Yoga Blend which is comprised of techniques and principles from dance and Yoga, as well as Pilates and Tai Chi Chuan.